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Reflexology is a natural and ancestral care practice that considers the person in its entire physical, psychological and emotional. By a specific touch on so-called "reflex" areas, it stimulates the body, regulates certain functional disorders, whether chronic or acute and thus helps it regain its natural balance.



Taking care of one's health by using a natural alternative to drugs and other antibiotics is not just a way to heal oneself; it also constitutes a philosophy of life as such, with prevention and self-healing as a guideline. In this I guide you in bringing you to develop the natural defenses of your body, with my advice in natural health.



Bars are one of the body processes of Access Consciousness®, a cranial psycho-energetic process. This treatment dissipates the electromagnetic load that keeps in place the thoughts, considerations, conclusions, attitudes, emotions and feelings you have accumulated and that limit you in different areas.

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About Me Global Reflexology - Natural Health Consultant

Passionate since the beginning by humans and the awakening of the conscience, I enjoyed teaching myself through my entire life. Today, I decided to devote myself full time. After obtaining my diploma in Global Reflexology, I completed my training with reflexotherapy, associating aromatherapy, and today, naturopathy.

Using a number of methods, my cares and practices are targeted and personalized which allows me to meet the needs of each patient.


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Why Global Reflexology ? Helps maintain balance of body, energy and psyche.

Working on reflex zones with acupressure liberates tensions, and launches the circulation of body fluids and restores energy balance. Reflexology treats the combination of systems such as: respiratory, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, etc..

Global Reflexology is recommended as a preventive practice in order to preserve your health and well being. It is considered today an integrated medical practice and also therapeutic.

Reflexotherapy accompanies disharmonies that are more important and more disabling. It is the continuation of Global Reflexology. It helps to maintain the balance of the body, energy and psyche. When the imbalance exists, the releases provided by the reflex practices allow to revive the metabolic functions, to improve the circulation of the fluids of the body, to reduce the tensions and to stimulate the natural defenses.

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The Quantum Touch Heal your body and soothe your mind.

Difficult to relax and sleep? Do you feel stressed, tense, anxious? Do you suffer from pain and tension? Are you worried about your health and general well-being?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Global Reflexology can help.

You have thoughts, considerations, conclusions, attitudes, emotions and feelings that you have accumulated and that limit you in different areas. You suffer from a lack of self-confidence, from extra pounds, from thoughts that constantly turn in your head.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Access Consciousness ® can help.

The Quantum Touch

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